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Air Quality Testing

Clean Air Technologies can now test your air quality

Every home and/or commercial building should include a method of cleaning and purifying the indoor air that gets circulated by your HVAC system. Good indoor air quality services for your home or business will keep your indoor air healthy and free from pollutants and contaminants that can make you sick.

As the premier air conditioning company in the area in quality indoor air systems, Clean Air Technologies offer you their expertise in sanitizing and purifying the air you breathe every day. Your HVAC system can also harbor toxic contaminants like mold and bacteria that release toxins in your air or are harmful if you come into direct contact with them.

One of the most effective ways to filter your air is with a Media Air Cleaner that’s meant to sterilize, sanitize, and filter out many harmful materials at once. These extremely effective indoor air quality services get rid of:

  • Pollen, dust, and pet dander
  • Bacteria and viruses
  • Odors and chemical fumes
  • Ozone

Why should you consider indoor air quality testing?

Do you feel ill or exhibit certain symptoms at home but you feel better when you’re out? That could be a sign of poor indoor air quality.

What are the next steps in getting my indoor air tested?

We will send in our qualified technicians to test the air quality in your home for mold or any other environmental growth. We can also take surface samples while we are inspecting your home, whether it is on a counter top, wall, floor, or even in your ductwork. If we do not see any signs of mold, we can send off a total particle analysis that can identify things like gypsum, mica, insect parts, talc, ash, etc.

Our technician will come to your home to:

1. Test the air quality: this takes 5 minutes for each sample

2. Perform a mold resemblance test: if the technician sees any signs of mold on any surface areas, they are able to collect a sample to send to the lab

3. Inspect ductwork

4. Inspect air handler

5. Inspect crawl space

6. Inspect kitchen and bathrooms

After we have collected all the samples, we send them off to the lab. Here at Clean Air Technologies, we use a professional microbial analyst:

  • Offer a 24 hour turnaround time
  • Over 25 years of mold and bacteria identification experience
  • Over 15 years of asbestos identification and qualification experience

Give us a call to set up your indoor air quality test!

Don’t forget, if you are a Comfort Club Member you will receive a 10% discount on an indoor air quality test.

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