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Commercial Services

Heating & Air Conditioning

The Clean Air Technologies professional installation teams are up-to-date on all new high efficiency heating and air conditioning systems, indoor air quality products to ensure proper installation, longevity of the life of the system we install, and maximum efficiency of your new heath and air conditioning system.

Clean Air Technologies provides continuous education for all of our employees from the administrative staff to our men and women in the field, who represent Clean Air Technologies in your place of business, to provide you with the best service that you expect. We believe education is the key to customer satisfaction and growth within our industry. We invest in our employees to ultimately save you money.

We understand the importance of your employees’ comfort and state of health when it comes to your office heating and air conditioning system and indoor air quality. We believe that to have a comfortable and healthy employee is to have a productive employee. And we know that your customers need the right temperature achieved in your building in order to be comfortable and at ease when at your commercial location.

Indoor Air Quality and Maintenance

We can help reduce operating costs related to your utility expense by maintaining your system by keeping the system at peak efficiency and catch any problems that could potentially cause high utility bills before the problem is realized.

As an employer, you can reduce operating cost by controlling the environmental contaminants and pollutants in your air, thus keeping down any allergens and airborne illness. This will reduce employee sick time caused by allergens and poor quality air, and can also help reduce costs related to employee doctor visits, insurance claims, and promotes a healthy working environment.

Our qualified, educated, and experienced staff of service technicians and installation teams is not only familiar with older systems but they can maintain and repair any existing system in your place of business.

We not only offer regular repairs and tune-up services that are second to none, we also provide a maintenance plan that will keep your system in top shape, ensuring your system runs its best and provides you with the energy savings it should. Our plan gives you flexibility to fit your commercial heating and air conditioning protection needs and budget.

Look at our Maintenance Program and our Indoor Air Quality page to see all the products and services we can offer your business.

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