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Duct Cleaning

Have you taken a look at your home’s air vents where your cool and heated air is blown into your rooms? Do you see a dingy looking area on the ceiling or spaces around the vent duct covers? Worse, is there actually a black looking soot that surrounds your air ducts? If so, it’s past time to have your ducts cleaned out. This is the grime that’s in your indoor air that you breathe in every day. Ducts need to be cleaned, especially if you have no indoor air filtration installed other than standard filters. Many people are well aware that duct cleaning can be done for their homes or business properties to help with cleaning the indoor air in the building or home. Duct cleaning is just one solution or step to take if you’re really interested in breathing air that’s non-toxic every day. Many homeowners and commercial property owners don’t realize what’s actually in the air that’s trapped indoors. Indoor air quality can be so polluted that it’s actually toxic. The last thing you need at home or at your place of business is air that’s so bad to breathe it can kill you. And the problem with many contaminants and pollutants is that they aren’t detectable without the proper equipment. Many are odorless vapors that you can’t detect unless you use the proper tools. Our HVAC company has the equipment and education to stop the problem and improve the air quality of your home or business.

Problems that can create poor indoor air quality in your ductwork

Improperly wrapped ductwork – When air that has any amount of moisture in it, coming most often through cracks or mis wrapped ducts, will allow the growth of mold, algae and possibly bacteria. Once the ducts are cleaned out, there’s no growing medium left within the ventilation system to harbor the growth of the toxins produced by growing mold spores. Smokers in the household – The air inside can become sooty with smoke from cigarettes or cigar smoke. This buildup will coat everything in the house, turning many items a yellowish color, but will also get worked into your ducts and build up there. Pets in the home – Pet dander and hair float around in your indoor air at all times unless you do something to remove these pollutants. Cleaning your ductwork is a great start, but isn’t the only thing you need to do to get cleaner indoor air. Home renovations or remodeling – Any time you remodel or renovate, you’re tearing into building materials that will put tiny particles in your air that can cause you physical harm if breathed or ingested. These materials coat your ducts and build up there until removed. Newly constructed homes – Prior to moving into a new home, you should have your ductwork thoroughly cleaned by professionals. You will have particles within the ducts that need to be removed before you start using your heating and air conditioning system. These building materials can and do often release toxic levels of contaminants that are harmful.

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