Highly Efficient Geothermal System in Richmond

Geothermal System in RichmondThe geothermal method of heating and cooling your indoor air is one of the most energy efficient ways to heat and cool your home or commercial property. Geothermal Heating systems give you maximum energy efficiency for several reasons that may benefit your commercial or residential property. So when you are looking to replace your heating and air conditioning system, or if you’re needing an HVAC installation, we may recommend a new Geothermal System in Richmond for your property.

Our Richmond air conditioning company will handle all your geothermal heating repairs as well, so you’ll not have to worry about finding a different company who can handle your repairs.

Many customers ask what the best solution for heating their home is, and very often we will advise our customers to go with the geothermal heating system. These systems both heat and cool your indoor air, giving you the most in fast heating and cooling no matter what time of year it is or how far below or above freezing the weather gets.

How Geothermal Heating And Cooling Works

Geothermal heating and cooling uses the earth’s own temperature six to seven feet below ground where the temperature stays constant. When it gets cold or hot outside, a liquid is piped through a system of pipes that are laid in the ground where the constant temperature works to cool or heat the liquid in the pipes and then routes it into the home where a forced air unit blows over the pipes to produce the same constant temperature of air for your home.

Since the temperature below ground stays constant, it’s much more efficient than the heating and air conditioning systems that use the outdoor air. The geothermal heating and cooling system saves a great deal in energy costs for areas of the country that have more temperate climates, which is perfect for the greater Richmond area of Virginia.

Geothermal Systems Repairs

The technicians at Clean Air Technologies have the skills, tools, equipment, and experience to service all your geothermal system components. Whether you need emergency repairs or regularly scheduled repair services, you’ll have a team at your side when you need it that can handle your special Geothermal System in Richmond.

Geothermal System Emergency 24/7 Services

When your geothermal heating and air conditioning system experiences problems, you have technicians from Clean Air Technologies on call that can service your equipment. Emergency heating and air conditioning needs require educated and skilled HVAC technicians to handle them. Call on the highly educated and trained technicians at Clean Air Technologies when your heating or air conditioning isn’t handling your comfort needs.

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If you are interested in an ultra-efficient Geothermal System in Richmond, please call Clean Air Technologies at 804-608-1050 or complete our online request form.