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Media Filtration

Filtering your indoor air is important if you want to get rid of toxic substances in the air you breathe every day. Standard filters that fit on forced air HVAC systems will only filter out dust and other larger particles from the air, but will leave many of the harmful substances in your air.

Whether at home or at your business location, the indoor air can be swimming with harmful pollutants that can make you ill. Especially susceptible to normal everyday pollutants like dander, pollen, and dust particles, are those who are already suffering from allergies and respiratory illnesses.

Filtering out these contaminants can significantly increase your indoor air quality

One of the best methods of cleaning your indoor air is with the use of a Media Filtration system, that’s much more effective at cleaning up the air than a standard filter. In fact, one of the top rated types of filters you can use for your heating and air conditioning system is the electrostatically Charged Carbon Media Filter. Media filters use different materials to filter the indoor air, commonly poly, synthetics, fiberglass, carbon, and other media such as anti-microbial or natural or synthetic hog hair.

Media filtration works to sanitize and filter out many harmful materials at once. These extremely effective indoor air quality filtration systems get rid of:

  • Mold
  • Dander
  • Dust particles
  • Gases
  • Vapors
  • Bacteria

Yearlong Electrostatically Charged Carbon Media Filters

Some media filters offer you yearlong solutions to help you breathe easier. The Yearlong Electrostatically Charged Carbon Media Filters is an annual media filter which gives you yearlong protection against harmful substances that pollute your indoor air.

As specialists in indoor air quality applications, the experts at Clean Air Technologies offer you media air filtration for your home or business. If you’re interested in getting purer, fresher, healthier air to breathe day in and day out, call on our team of HVAC specialists and we can get you set up with the right media filter for your home or commercial business space. Whether at work or at home, you deserve clean, healthy air, so call soon and let us help you achieve this goal.

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