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Richmond HumidifiersKeeping your indoor air at the proper humidity range is important in protecting not only the health of all occupants but the building materials inside your home or business. Not all indoor spaces are equal in the amount of humidity found in the air, even if the properties are located in the same climate right next door to each other. The key to having healthy indoor air is often in achieving the right balance of humidity.

Different factors play a role in how humid or dry your indoor air is, including just how hot or cool you like your indoor air climate. Forced air HVAC systems are a large reason your indoor air may be dryer than other homes along the same neighborhood. You may run more heat or like cooler air, which means your heating and air conditioning equipment run more, drying out the air more than your neighbors.

Other factors are insulation for your home, how well your windows and doors keep the outside climate outside, and what type of heating and cooling system you have in your home or commercial space.

Dehumidifiers Are Important Where High Humidity Exists Indoors

Humidification factors play an important role in how well your heating and air conditioning systems are able to keep your space heated and cooled. With too much humidity, or too little in your indoor air climate, other problems like illness, mold spore growth, and building material damages occur. Controlling the humidity level and keeping it within a certain range indoors is important for your health and the condition of your property.

High humidity can destroy your building materials as they become moist or damp from the water vapors in the air. Carpeting, padding, drywall, textures, upholstery, drapery, woodwork and more can harbor mold where it thrives and produces toxins, but it can also destroy the materials as they rot with the exposure to destructive conditions.

High Humidity Levels Can Damage Your HVAC Equipment

Evaluating your individual needs is important because your space and current heating and air conditioning equipment varies. Our Richmond air conditioning company can evaluate your space, your equipment, and all other factors to determine what’s best in Richmond Humidifiers or dehumidifiers for your individual needs.

Dry Air Means You Need Richmond Humidifiers

Your space, ventilation, insulation, and current HVAC systems need to be evaluated in order to determine the right solution for your individual needs because you air could actually be too dry and need some humidity to help you stay well, and your building materials or home’s woodwork can dry. Particularly susceptible to dry conditions are your sinuses (causing frequent sinus infections) and your woodwork, which dries out and can crack.

Whether you need more humidity in your air or less, there’s always the right balance to achieve. The experts at Clean Air Technologies can test your indoor air and help you get your air balanced to the right humidity levels. As experts in indoor air quality, you’ll have better air to breathe that’s more healthy for you and all your assets indoors.

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