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UV Filtration

UV light sterilization or filtration will reduce pathogens and destructive organisms that are resistant to multiple drugs such as many bacteria and mold. These systems are added onto your home or commercial business HVAC system to sterilize harmful organisms that may be present in the air that’s brought into the indoor space. There are different types of UV lights available for your HVAC system with many already being used in hospitals, as germicidal lamps in food establishments, and more.

Unfortunately, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are easily introduced into our bodies almost every day. These chemical emissions can accumulate within your indoor air environment at levels that are harmful. The EPA has found that VOC levels indoors can be as much as 2,000 times higher than levels outdoors. You can absorb them through your skin, through inhalation, and ingestion. Most of the time, we absorb VOCs through the air we breath.

Types Of HVAC UV Lights

Basically, there are two different types of UV lights manufactured for your HVAC system. One type of UV Filtration system is the Coil Sterilization.

Coil Sterilization – This type of UV light sterilization comes in the form of a stick type of light that is installed inside your return air duct which sterilizes the air handler coil. This light is on constantly and never turns off. The coil sterilization method of UV light sterilization is the most common type of system.

Another type of UV light is intended for HVAC use, the Air Sterilization system. As a whole home unit, this system is intended to clean and sterilize all the air that flows through you home via your air conditioning and heating forced air system.

Air Sterilization – This type of UV Filtration system is a complete unit that sterilizes your moving air. It is installed within the return air duct of the HVAC system. The UV light unit will cycle with your HVAC unit as it turns on and off with the air handler blower.

Benefits of HVAC UV Light Filtration & Sterilization

  • Very effective in humid climates
  • Removes VOC (volatile organic compounds -organic chemicals)
  • Improves air quality within your home or building

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